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Quixxi Spotlight: CEO Giuseppe Porcelli

At Quixxi, we’re all about community. We’re a dedicated team of professionals, but we’re also a family of supportive peers. And like any family, we all have our different attributes, our peculiar quarks, and our individual ambitions.

As we continue to work towards our common goal, we’re eager to share our dreams and personalities with you. Join us every Tuesday for an in-depth Q&A with individual team members, and get to know the people behind the Quixxi name.

Today we’re talking to Giuseppe Porcelli, founder and CEO of Quixxi.

1)Tell me about the beginning of Quixxi. Where did the idea come from? What was your initial vision for Quixxi?

With billions of dollars being invested into building digital solutions, developers are looking for the best knowledge and tools to build faster, more valuable digital products and services. We saw a growing need to provide a suite or marketplace of modules that helps them do this, and which can evolve based on new technologies and new market innovation. Out of this need our global team developed Quixxi.

Giuseppe and his family. Photo Credit: Quixxi.

2) What got you interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? What do you envision for the future of Quixxi on the blockchain?

Blockchain is a combination of technologies that will increasingly transform businesses globally, creating new business models and driving greater efficiency and better customer experiences. As a distributed ledger it enables democratisation of data, providing transparency and trust in a way which we have not seen before. I see it adding enormous value to businesses and communities in so many industries from financial services and human resources, to power and agri-business.

Cryptocurrencies are an efficient and secure medium of exchange which use cryptography to secure the transactions and to manage the transfer of assets.

In the last 2 years we have continued to build a community of developers who are using Quixxi to enhance and optimise their solutions. As a combination of technologies that will increasingly transform businesses globally, we want to ensure developers can access Blockchain services. We want to provide access without the need to build internal expertise, meanwhile being rewarded for developing new blockchain services, which can be shared with the development community. Using our Quixxicoin to access and receive compensation, developers can accelerate the speed at which they can capitalise on the benefits of Blockchain, in turn improving efficiency and driving revenue.

3) What do you love most about working with your colleagues?

I lead a diverse and talented team across Italy, India, Europe, USA and here in our head office in beautiful Manly, Australia. This experience and diversity enables us to see the world differently, and work collaboratively to solve industry challenges with powerful digital solutions. Because of the breadth and depth of our team we think “at scale” — that is not just about an immediate problem or need, linked to any one industry or geography, but what we can do that gets to the heart of the problem or opportunity. How can as many people as possible benefit from the solution we develop? Innovation for us is not just about harnessing new technologies, such as blockchain, but thinking differently about the problem and the experience we want to create at scale.

5) What do you like most about working at Quixxi?

With billions of dollars being invested in development around the world we are providing a marketplace of knowledge and modules that is accessible and useful to independent or enterprise developers. Our mission, and what drives us, is ensuring we can give developers the best opportunity to capitalise on their innovative thinking, skills, and hard work. We also want to provide them with an evolving set of developer services, and the ability for them to easily add to this marketplace.

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Giuseppe Porcelli, CEO and founder of Quixxi.

6) What does your idea of success look like?

That every developer is benefiting from using Quixxi, and is a contributor and advocate of our marketplace. That as a business, our global team is energised and driven behind the need to continuously evolve our services, ensuring Quixxi is a leading innovator in the market.

7) Who is your role model and why?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my wife and family who support, encourage, and challenge me to continue to try and change the world! I am also a big admirer of Elon Musk who is the driving force behind so many disruptive, incredible new technologies. I definitely think we should meet and join forces at some stage.

8) Tell me about a project or an accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

I was fortunate to have a very successful career in Italy, which included recognition from both the business community and government. I continue to be an innovation evangelist who wants to disrupt the status quo, so I always believe my most significant accomplishment is the next one!

There are several technologies that excite me, filling both up my waking and sleeping hours. Self-driving cars will become part of our life over the next 3–5 years becoming safer and more broadly adopted. Artificial intelligence is reaching exciting new heights; algorithms and massive increases in data collection and computing power will enable us to predict the future. Last and certainly not least cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols: they are revolutionising how we manage trust and transparency, and are increasingly the focus of investment from the business community and government.

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Quixxi is harnessing the power of blockchain to bring developers the latest, best-in-class services and industry tools.

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