Quixxi Spotlight: CTO, Aatral Arasu

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Today we’re talking to Aatral Arasu, CTO at Quixxi. Aatral is also one of the Quixxi co-founders. He has a huge knowledge base, and his expertise in developing is considered a legend here at Quixxi.

1.Tell me about your role with Quixxi. How long have you been with the company? What is your responsibility? What do you love most about working at Quixxi?

A: My role at Quixxi is to ensure our technological strategy is aligned with the business strategy, and to meet the expectations of our end-users.

As one of the founders, I have been with Quixxi right from the start; right from its inception as a platform that positively impacts developers and their businesses.

My day to day responsibility is multi-fold, but mainly includes recruiting and measuring development team members. It also includes checking the progress of the product and development processes, and explaining the technological vision to technical team leaders and members. I also evaluate features and product specification, as well as product usability with the end users/developers, which helps the development team with any technical challenges.

Developers are building the future of humankind one step at a time, and they’re starting from the evolution of personal computers, PC softwares, internet, mobile platforms, cloud platforms, P2P, blockchain, and other disruptive technologies. I love working at Quixxi because we help developers by providing them with the essential functionalities needed, and the latest technologies to help them serve their businesses with faster time to market and better customer satisfaction.

2. What got you interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies? What do you envision for the future of Quixxi on the blockchain?

A: Blockchain is a disruptive technology that is going to create a huge impact in the processes of various industry sectors, operations, and governance in businesses and governments, payments, transactions, profiling, data transactions of consumers and machines/IoT.

The potential I saw in blockchain initially got me interested, as these technologies provide many benefits, including time saving for people, security from hacking, data theft protection, user privacy, data verification, service discovery, payments, and seamless cross-border currency transactions to name a few.

At Quixxi, we provide essential APIs and libraries as building blocks for developers, as well as a Marketplace for other developers to publish their APIs and libraries to serve different industry use cases. This process helps to make businesses blockchain ready. We see this change as hugely beneficial to developers, as it reduces the blockchain related learning curve.

3. What do you believe is the best benefit of blockchain technology? How do you believe it’s changing the world? How do you see Quixxi fitting into this change?

A:There are so many revolutionary changes that blockchain technology will bring to society that it’s hard to think of just one. However, here are the areas that I see blockchain benefiting the most.

  • Removal of intermediaries/commissions and better workflows of business use-cases in different industry sectors like banking, governance, and retail.
  • Data immutability: immutability to all kinds of contracts in sectors like insurance, governance, business operations, and investment/dividends.
  • Real-time, cross-border payments with minimal transaction fees. These technologies will change the world by exploiting the inefficiencies in different industries, and the way they operate today.

At Quixxi, we will provide essential APIs and libraries for crypto-currencies, crypto-payments, and smart contracts; acting as building blocks for developers, and as a Marketplace for other developers to publish their APIs and libraries to cater to business needs.

4. How has working with Quixxi impacted your approach to technological policy in a corporate setting?

A: Working at Quixxi has reinforced the need for end-to-end security of systems. Data is increasingly important in this expansively connected world, as a security breach can be catastrophic to businesses and their credibility.

Quixxi has also shown me that it is important to evaluate and reuse reliable APIs and libraries, instead of building them in-house. This process can reduce cost and save time in the implementation of technological strategies in every IT department.

Similarly, it is vital to be aware of latest trends and technologies that can add value to existing business processes, or even disrupt your industry sector, and implement it as part of your IT policy and culture.

5. What resources do you enjoy using to learn about technological trends or industry news?

A: I get a lot of information from visiting techcrunch.com, a16z.com and subscribing to newsletters from crunchbase.com, tracxn.com, and a few research related sites. I also keep my eye on the technology categories in news.google.com, and join the technological related groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to gather information and conference details.

Meeting and discussing with peers in these conferences helps me to further understand trends and customer expectations, which I then share with our executive team!

6. Tell me about a project or an accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.

A: Open sourcing of our Dolphin audio and video player for android in 2011 lead our team to reach out to other technological providers and developers in different sectors, such as IP TV, IP radio, audio, video related apps. This open sourcing of our application showed our technological expertise, which lead to collaboration with similar players.

More recently, I was really proud to present our new Quixxi Token, and to be chosen as one of the global finalists to present Quixxi Token at the recent ICOscars at Blockshow Asia. It was great to have blockchain and ICO leaders acknowledge the value of our hard work, and our efforts to create a new Marketplace for developers to access and contribute to building blockchain capabilities.

7. You were recently involved in the Blockshow Asia event in Singapore, and before in New Delhi at the Blockshow Asia Meetup. What did you get from that experience?

The event in Singapore and meetup in New Delhi provided an opportunity to interact with the developer community and CXO’s. These platforms gave us a chance to showcase how Quixxi contributes to the blockchain ecosystem and our TDE (token distribution event) plans. I also had discussions with various entrepreneurs who work on different use cases in the blockchain space.

8. Who is your role model and why?

A: Bill Gates and Larry Page are my role models. With their broad vision, several products, and strategies in their companies, both have made technology accessible and useful to the benefit of the whole world and humankind. I deeply respect them for the impact they have in improving citizens’ quality of life.

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