Impressionist Artist W. Chapman

The only reason to buy art is because your love for the artwork. Those that speculate in an art’s future sale price tend to lose money because art is illiquid.

At auction, art buyers pay 25% of first $200,000 of the hammer price; 20% of amount above $200,000 to $3 million; 12% of excess over $3 million (previously $2 million).

Luckily, thrift stores are a great alternative to Christies and Sotheby’s. In August 2018, I visited my local Goodwill in the West End neighborhood of Atlanta and fell in love with a 6 foot wide oil painting.

I asked how much and went home. Two hours later my thoughts still persisted to the painting. Eventually, I returned to Goodwill and required an Uber XL for the ride home.

The impressionist oil painting now hangs across my bed. My photos above don’t adequately demonstrate its view of nature that fills the room. I’m not the only one that likes art by W. Chapman:

My impulse buy begged the research I failed to do first.

Who is W. Chapman?

The Philbrook Museum of Art, Chapman Library has a folder titled, “Named Person: Charles W Chapman” (source). It turns out Charles W. Chapman’s signature and art style do not match with mine:

I found one other artist in my search, William Ernest Chapman (1858–1947). In some online pages, the signature matches but on reliable sources, as before, the art style and signature do not match.

In conclusion, W. Chapman is an unlisted artist. Nothing signed, “W. Chapman” has sold at at recognized fine art auction. If my artist’s name is an alias, will the true artist please stand up? I applaud the work even if it’s “factory produced from Mexico or China”.

Is Confederate soldier named Conrad Wise Chapman the fine impressionist oil painter?

Ready for a sense for the market value of a landscape oil painting signed by the mysterious W. Chapman? I attempt to answer the question, “I have a signed Chapman … I don’t know the value”:

If you want to have a bigger impact with your dollars, consider donating to support arts education.

“I came across an article that I believe you wrote concerning a painting you have by an artist named W. Chapman. I have an original oil painting by this artist hangin in my house. I bought it probably over 20 years ago at an art event in the city of Green Lake, WI” (Elton Van Buren, )

Dad told me I write well so here I write.

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