Have you noticed the increasing number of news articles and you tube videos that mention the rise of voice powered search? Alexa, Echo, Google Home, Siri all capture our imagination but underdeliver in real world situations.

We all have voice apps embedded into the operating system of our smartphone. Voice…

The only reason to buy art is because your love for the artwork. Those that speculate in an art’s future sale price tend to lose money because art is illiquid.

At auction, art buyers pay 25% of first $200,000 of the hammer price; 20% of amount above $200,000 to $3…

Once upon a time, to tell a computer what to do, you had to code:

“if this, then that.”

Now you can tell a computer:

“learn from how my inputs and outputs compare.”

A computer now has the ability to predict the right output by means of artificial intelligence.

Consider what this means for route optimization and preventative maintenance in the logistics industry.


Make money outside of a normal full time job. Step by step instructions on how to be a partimepreneur:

Your Options

  1. Arbitrage
  2. Skilled Trade
  3. Dirty Work

Consider “where would I be the most successful?”

  • buy something at a lower cost then sell it at a high price
  • study and solve difficult challenges with precision and convenience to paying customers

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Nir Levy

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