“QUOLL EN ROUTE” Party is coming!

Wombat Exchange has had a very successful full-feature launch. The IFO has raised $2.1M and the TVL has reached $200 M. Currently, it is the 3rd largest DEX on the BNB chain. That is a very shining performance under current market conditions. As one of Wombat‘s friends, we are also very excited about this. To celebrate and give our full appreciation to the WOM community, Quoll Finance will host a series of campaigns called “QUOLL EN ROUTE” during the following month.

“QUOLL EN ROUTE” will bring multiple benefits to the WOM community and WOM token holders. So just follow our social media and stay tuned!

Let’s dive into the first Campaign.

The Warm-Up Party

Quoll still needs some time to launch. But before that, we want to celebrate the successful launch of Wombat and give our best support to the WOM community and WOM token. The Party will contain 2 subs:

Come on! Prepare your WOM token and let it rock!


Sub Campaign 1: WOM/BUSD pancake LP Auto-compounder.

Sub Campaign 2: Early birds campaign 1 qWOM = ? QUO



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