Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Sayings

1 — Donna: You’re always such a stick in the mud. Noah: Yes! Let’s all take hacking advice from a woman whose only use for her smartphone is as a mirror.

  • 2 — Fifteen minutes till the end of the world, and you want to spend them with me. I am touched.
  • 3 — Do you remember what you told me? It takes a monster to kill a monster.
  • 4 — Malcolm: That’s always been your problem. The inability to do what’s necessary. Oliver: Laurel is dead because of you. Malcolm: What are you gonna do? We’ve already established you’re not going to kill me.
  • 5 — There’s no length that I will not go to to avenge Laurel. To stop Darhk from ever hurting anyone again.
  • 6 — People still need saving. They still need hope.
  • 7 — Well, it looks like it’s just the three of us. Team Arrow. The original gangstas.

8 — Oliver is leaving tonight for a magical mystery tour and wants me to stay put.

9 — That has always been the way with us, Felicity. You are the one who brings the light.

10 — Oliver: I’m not so sure that finding this guy depends on gambling. Felicity: It’s not gambling when I play.

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