Then you may want to look a bit more into your man, Mr.
Allison Bedford

22 years ago a woman claims to have been raped and isn’t telling anyone until Donald Trump runs for president. Convenient. Why were no criminal charges filed or even a report taken. Does she only wants the money from a civil suit and no actual criminal charges?

Meanwhile the Clinton’s have settled cases with several women on the condition there is a gag order, she called Gennifer Flowers a “failed cabaret singer” and she was just “looking for her 15 minutes of fame.” She also said Bill couldn’t have raped Kathleen Wiley because “Bill would never go for a small-breasted woman like her”. She said Monica Lewinsky was lying and it was “a vast right-wing conspiracy.” Geeze, the woman who stands up for women has no problem standing on top of them in their time of need. Don’t pretend to be a feminist and a defender of sexual abuse victims and then support Hillary.