This Is What It Feels Like To Be “Grabbed By the Pussy” By Someone You Know
Allison Bedford

Trump is a vulgar, offensive guy in need of a filter, but no one has accused Trump of rape or sexual assault. His only crime is that he offends the senses and he is not a nice guy.

Hillary Clinton is not the adulterating, womanizing, accused rapist that her husband is. She’s just a woman running for president. She’s also woman who has sworn to give victims of sexual abuse a voice. But when she had the opportunity to give her husband’s victims a voice, she attacked, vilified, and slut-shamed them in to oblivion. Many women have accused Bill Clinton of rape, pre-presidency and post-presidency, but none have been allowed to tell their story.

I’ll support the offensive idiot who embarrassingly used the word “pussy” 11 years ago over the woman who’s spent her life protecting a rapist and silencing the victims.

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