Dear Mom and Dad Trump Supporters
Laura Beachy

Trump’s a vulgar, offensive guy, no doubt he is in need of a filter, but no one has accused Trump of rape or sexual assault. His only crime is he offends and he is not a super nice guy, but you’re really reaching if you’re trying to make the argument that he perpetuates a rape culture.

Hillary Clinton is not the adulterating, womanizing, accused rapist that her husband is. She’s just a woman. A woman who has sworn to give victims of sexual abuse a voice. But when she had the opportunity to give her husband’s victims a voice, she attacked, vilified, and slut-shamed them in to oblivion. Many women (I tagged 3 of them at the bottom) have accused Bill Clinton of rape, pre-presidency and post-presidency, but none have been allowed to tell their story.

I support the idiot who offensively used the word “pussy” 11 years ago over the woman who’s spent her life protecting a rapist and ignoring the victims.