Muharram- A month of Realization!

محرم لباس نہی، کردار تبدیل کرنے کا نام ھےـ

Muharram is one of the most important sacred months. Our Islamic year takes a start from Muharram ul Haraam. There are in general a lot of questions, viewpoints, objections and taboos regarding Muharram.

Living in the 21st century has eventually given everybody the freedom of speech. Every other person believes that it is his/her right to object and criticize things as much as they can!

Pointing fingers over someone’s religious practices is something very legal nowadays. We without taking other person’s feelings in consideration and even without knowing anything about their religion are so confidently objecting to their acts and labeling them as ‘Kaafirs’.

Is this what was taught by Muhammad PBUH? Is this really what Islam teaches us? Or is it just the hatred that we so-called Muslims are carrying in our hearts. On one hand, calling ourselves the Ummati of Muhammad PBUH and on the very other hand declaring other sects inferior and anti -Islam, does it even makes sense?

Imam Ali a.s says,

“Learn your religion, don’t inherit it.“

This saying shows how important it is to learn about one’s religion, to know it’s history, it’s foundation and it’s purpose.

Islam is a complete code of life. It teaches us all the do’s and dont’s in a perfect manner. All the sects agree on this.

Muharram is not about shia, sunni, wahabi or deobandi. It’s about Hussaini or Yazeedi.

Griefs and sorrows have prevailed in this month. Mourning and wails become a ritual. This particular grief is not only related to shiaism. This grief is beheld by every person whose heart beats for Hussain a.s (grandson of Muhammad PBUH). How can we Muslims imagine ourselves at a place where we celebrate happiness, knowing that it should be not, knowing that it’s the month when the grandson and family of Prophet Muhammad PBUH was martyred mercilessly, where the women of the family were tortured badly, where their veils weren’t protected, HOW CAN WE?

Moreover, let me clear another concept here. Mourning and grief alone are not enough. Knowing what we are doing, why it all happened, why was this big sacrifice given and what should be extracted from this incident, these quests are of utmost importance. This is what Muharram is all about. Character building is what it teaches.

Karbala offers limitless lessons. It was not just happened to be cried upon. It happened to save what we inherit so effortlessly now. Misunderstandings among the sects are leading us nowhere.

Views on 9th, 10th Muharram and Sham-e-Ghareeban are worth listening by our fellow communities. They have build-up a great misconception about all these things. The tragedy of Karbala is not only for shias to mourn and learn, it is for the entire Ummah. The ummah that proudly calls itself the followers of Muhammad PBUH, why it doesn’t mourn when the grandson of same Prophet PBUH got martyred, why it doesn’t scream when the women of the same family got looted of everything they had?

All of us intentionally or unintentionally cry when someone in our family dies. The loss indeed in unbearable but why don’t we get sad when the entire family of Muhammad PBUH faced troubles? This is an alarming situation for our consciences!!

Living in a modern era, where we are facilitated with the internet along with all the good reads makes it really convenient for us all to know that WHAT IS KARBALA and WHO IS HUSSSAIN? Why did it happen with the noblest family alone? Why weren’t others a part of it? How did it come to us? What is the moral of this incident? What is it trying to teach us? What is the purpose of repeating the entire happening in these 2 and a half months? Why not only 9th and 10th Muharram and a whole 2 and half months are to be mourned?

As Muharram is just around the corner I’m leaving these questions for you to ponder over. I’ll be definitely answering all these quests in the upcoming blog post. Stay tuned to find out.

Labaik Ya Hussain! 🙌🏻