Educate People about Islam and its True Meaning | Online Quran Teacher

It is no doubt that those Muslims who grew up in the Western world almost two decades ago had it comparatively easier than those who are growing up all over the world today. This is most commonly seen in the fact that years, ago people genuinely had real questions about Islam regarding its teachings and laws like why women wear hijabs and why did Muslims pray in the way they do. These were the questions asked and the conversations were most of the time pleasant and informative where Muslims could explain about Islam to the people. But today is an entirely different story. No matter which way you look, Islam is constantly under fire and Muslims continuously have to defend their faith from misconceptions and ridicule.

It falls on parents and teachers be they online Quran tutor and online Quran teacher or otherwise to embedded Islamic knowledge in the youth of the Muslims so that they can not only get rid of their own doubts but defend Islam in an intellectual manner. Here are some tips for online Quran tutor, online Quran teacher, regular teachers and especially parents to follow in order to instill Islamic learning their children.