Learning to Please Allah from the life and legacy of The Richest Poor Man Abdul Sattar Edhi

Whatever I’ve done for the poor, the destitute, the orphans and the less fortunate is not for any person or even myself, it’s for Allah (SWT). I’ve always aimed to please Allah (SWT).”
 These monumental words were not spoken by a great scholar or personality that lived centuries ago. No, these are the words that were spoken by one of the greatest humanitarians whose very name became the meaning of love, and selflessness, the great Abdul Sattar Edhi who lived in Pakistan but truly belonged to the whole world. Having garnered the respect from Pakistan and across the world, Abdul Sattar Edhi did not only win many international awards, but also received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest award that a civilian could be decorated with by the government of Pakistan. His mission spanning decades, of providing care to the destitute and helping the poor and needy sadly came to an end on 8th of July 2016, when the man who had come to be known as the Angel of Mercy finally departed this world and went on to live eternally under the mercy and grace of Allah the Almighty. A man that was never behind to help others and to please his Creator, Abdul Sattar Edhi even in death as a last gift, donated his organs to be used for those that needed them, though due to old age, only his eyes were in usable condition which were used to treat two patients who needed them. He was and is known as the greatest Humanitarian of this age and it is a complete marvel that such a man walked among us not long ago in this brutal and selfish world. With around 330 welfare centers and nearly 1500+ ambulances working 24/7 across Pakistan, it is no stretching of the tongue when people say that millions of people had have benefited from these services that include, food kitchens, rehabilitation institutes, orphanages and shelters for women and clinics for the mentally challenged. Abdul Sattar Edhi was never one to distinguish between race and religion when providing relief efforts and the Edhi foundation has provided their humanitarian services across the world, not only in Pakistan. So what made Abdul Sattar Edhi into the man who came to be trusted by people of all colours, race and religion and what are the lessons that people can learn from his extraordinary, humble, yet very hard life.