The Scientific Miracle

It can be understood that fourteen centuries ago this statement could have caused some confusion even to Arabs who thought that Dharrah was the smallest particle, and yet with the discovery of protons and neutrons within an atom which are smaller than it obviously proves that the Quran is scientifically adept.
 It is only fitting thus that people learn this great book of Allah (SWT) and spread its messages. Online Quran tutoring courses include tajweed courses online and online Quran teaching for kids. Online education has become the go to method of acquiring knowledge for many people across the world today. The main reason why Online Quran tutoring, tajweed courses online and online Quran teaching for kids have become so popular among Muslims across the world is simply due to the fact that these can be scheduled according to one’s own timings. For Muslims it is best to thoroughly study the Quran and find its guidance so that they may be able to answer the non-believer and guide them to the true religion.

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