Tokyo Blockchain Privacy 2.0 Summit Pictures and More

Oct 18 · 3 min read

As you probably know, we have organized the first Blockchain Privacy 2.0 Summit in Tokyo, Japan. The summit was a success, although many people couldn’t make it due to a very powerful typhoon hitting Japan. For this reason, we also organized day two, where all those people that missed the first day could present their projects, learn about privacy, and network during the party (everything is easier with sake!).

QURAS CEO presenting the project
We had many great people presenting remarkably useful and customer-oriented projects.
As well as several panel discussions about key topics for the future of the crypto industry.
Women In Blockchain told us about their experience working in the crypto industry and how can we make things better for the whole ecosystem.
We had a bingo game after the presentations.
Body Make Artist EIICHI helped us entertain our guests.
And we had an awesome calligraphy art performance.
Just a small part of Quras team
But most importantly we had a great time and did a lot of networking.

Big thanks to everyone that attended the first summit we organized in Tokyo and hope to see you in future events as well. We really had a great time!


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Secret Contract Platform for Privacy 2.0

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