Friends or real friends are not made by getting anyone interested in you, friends are probably made by getting interested in them. We always try to impress others to have a good impression about us but we don’t try to explore others,we don’t try to un reveal the others feelings or emotions or the thinking that what they think of us.We are only concerned about ourselves, our feelings, emotions and problems inspite of thinking of others. And this results in complete loneliness.

True friendship or companionship is to care for others. We should listen to our friends or people around us to make them feel special and then they will make us to feel special. Human being is a social animal and being social means that to interact with other’s affairs and problems.

I have tried my best to do this challenge and after doing this challenge. I have confronted with my things. I have talked to four of my friends. My friends discussed those matters with me that I haven’t known before. They told me about their past experiences, their future plans and many more. I enjoyed more by listening to others than by telling others my problems. I have seen a new person inside them that was concealed inside and I haven’t ever tried to explore that personality. My vision has changed a lot towards my friends. Sometimes, you misjudge people and so did I, by not listening to them carefully.

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