Facing your fear of failure by raising funds for Edhi Foundation

And the success lies in failure. If you don’t fail you cannot enjoy the success. While doing this project we had to go through some troubles that was not because of humiliation but it was that something which comes to mind. Whenever we speak to someone with the reference of Edhi saab people not only feel disappointment but also they are willing to try to help. People today after the death of Edhi are wanting to help for the cause which was started decades earlier by Edhi. I personally asked some people for funds for the organization of Edhi, some people not only got emotional but they were trying to help more than they had. I went to a person who was selling mangoes, I went to him and asked for funds, I was expecting just 10 or maximum 20 rupees from him but then I was shocked when he handed me over 100 rupees and they a lot of for a vendor like him and then I came to think of kindness and good little deeds done for others make your soul pure.

At first I was afraid that what people will say and think about me as some kind of robber like there are many trends in of robbing people these days, but then I met with some people who encouraged me to do this work not as a project but as a personal matter. Absolutely there were also people who asked many questions like either these funds will reach the organization or not. If they reach whether they will be put in the cause or not. Some mockery questions too were asked but we kept quiet and tried to make them understand according to the best of our knowledge.

By this project we did not only collect money but we tried to make ourselves ready for the market challenges. It is not easy to stand at the side of the road and beg for others. It was really helpful as we have to go into market for the search of job and have to ask for ourselves. Asking for help is not easy. We were with this person who asked us to go and focus on study, because there is God to help everyone. Well that is right and then I thought to myself that if God has to come personally to help every single human being then why he made billions of people. I remember a joke from the movie ‘Pursuit of the Happiness’ that ‘a person was drowning, a boat arrived there and offered him help but he refused saying that God will take care of him, after sometime another boat came and offered help but he refused saying the same, then he drowned and time came for him to meet God, he asked that why did He not come to save him and God replied that I sent two boats to save you, you dummy. So it is very necessary for us to show kindness to others and help them who are needy so that they can enjoy the life we want ourselves to spend. So it was a lot of fun to do this activity and we didn’t have to face as much humiliation as we expected just because of the one name which is Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Group Members:


Aamir Iqbal

Amir Zaman

Muhammad Shahzad

Abu Bakar

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