Five Acts of Kindness

  1. I make dinner for my friend because she has to submit some assignment tomorrow.
  2. I gave extra money to Rikshaw driver and after that he simply looked at me with a humble smile.
  3. I helped one of my juniors in making reports.
  4. I go to one of my friends and appreciate her art work and motivate her that you are God gifted.
  5. I helped one girl who is going to her hostel and have 3 bags and she was not able to handle all of these so I offered her that i’ll drop one bag in your hostel and she said thank you.

By doing all these things , my experience was speechless like I feel very satisfied and peaceful that look today I have helped different people. I feel comfortable after doing this specially when the person look at me and give a smile which describe everything that how much he or she is thankful to me. So we should do different acts of kindness in our daily life because it cleans our soul and create happiness.

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