Mega Project Blog 1

As in our Mega Project,each group would have to pick up a social cause they want to support (education, health, animal rights, environment etc.)So,me and my group have chosen the “health” section.Because, we think that health is very important for any person whether he is rich or a poor. If a person is very rich, and his health is not so good, his richness is useless. On the other hand, if a person is poor, but luckily he as a good health, he is more better than that rich person. Health is a basic need of every person.

“Health is wealth”

In this health project, we have decided to provide better food to less-fortunate people.Those people do not get a chance to have clean,hygienic and better quality food and sometimes they do not get food for days.Dr. Norman Ernest Borlaug had characterized this hunger in beautiful words:

“You can’t build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery”

What have we plan?

Our Plan is to get surplus food from different restaurants and provide that food to those people who are really suffering from hunger. For this, we will visit restaurants on daily basis and guide them for our mega project so they can trust us that we will actually want to help people in this regard. And after getting surplus food from restaurants, we will reach out to those people and provide them food of better quality which they really need. In these two months, we will try our best to make our plan best and successful.

How do we plan?

For our plan, we have reached to different organizations to help us in our project, so we can collaborate with them and use their platform for better work.We have shared our plan with two organizations and they are:

1- Robinhood Army

2- Rizq Foundation

Both organizations are running their food drive/lab and already doing a great job.

The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate sections of society in cities across India and 12 other countries.

Motto: “Serve the Hungry Citizen”

Founded: August 26, 2014

The Rizq Foundation is also a volunteer based organization and works on different projects. One of the project is Food Lab, in which they get surplus food from restaurants and also prepare it by themselves and provide this food to needy people. Basically this Food lab is running by three people, Musa, Qasim and Huzaifa.

How we have divided tasks within the group?

For this, we have decided that me(Qurba) will manage to contact the organizations and get feedback from them for their response and if they’ll have any queries regarding to our project or our plan so I will answer to their queries. 
Because, we have not yet finalized one organization for our project that will go on with us. The process is continuing.

And the other three boys Arslan, Usman and Haziq will reach out to different restaurant for their responses and will inform them about our project.

And when we’ll get approval from any of the organization we’ll start working on our plan collectively or by scheduling the duties of every person on daily basis.

Now, we our just making a contact with the organizations. For robinhood army, I contacted 4 different persons for sharing our plan and getting some positive response from them.And still waiting for a thumbs up.

For Rizq Foundation, Usman and I have contacted them on their Facebook page and waiting for their response.

I wish these organizations give us a better response and a chance to work with them for this super project.