How Your Letter of Recommendation will Outshine All Others

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  1. Pick someone who knows you well and has worked closely with you on a project. This person should be able to illustrate how significant of an impact you made, and how exactly you were able to do it. Contrary to what you might expect, it makes no difference if your recommender went to the school/program to which you are applying.
  2. Focus on the optional details. Most colleges ask for optional details such as examples of traits, or even an essay with ‘anything further you would like to add?’ Don’t waste this opportunity. Supply your recommenders with ample ammo to go above and beyond in illustrating your success.
  3. Plan the chess game. Your letters of recommendation fit in with the rest of your application like a game of chess. Know exactly which traits and stories you plan to highlight in your essays and videos, and use both letters of recommendation to lay onto the foundation of your game.




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Qurrat Ahmad

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