Conversations with Quuu ep 4: Brittany Berger

Show notes from Quuu’s podcast, in which Lucia Fontaina-Powell interviews leading markers and entrepreneurs to learn about them and from them.

In the fourth episode of Conversations with Quuu, Lucia chats to ‘content unicorn’ and B2B consultant, Brittany Berger. Listen to the full interview here:


1. How Brittany fell into B2B marketing.

“I was really interested in the tech industry, but I was living in the middle of nowhere. There was only one tech company and it was a B2B tech company…and I just never left!”

2. Brittany’s role at Mention and how she caught the entrepreneurial bug.

“At Mention, the whole thing was a big collaborative effort…They really made sure that we learned the ins and outs of the whole company, so that we could do what we needed to do in our specific roles to serve the needs of everyone.”

“Especially when you’re at a smaller company, and you love it, you think, “I could do this for myself!”.”

3. How to inject personality into your B2B marketing.

“B2B doesn’t need to stand for boring to boring!”

4. On successfully incorporating pop culture into your marketing and brand voice.

“As much as the brand needs to be fun and conversational, it still needs to be how the founder would talk.”

5. Why she decided to launch her weekly productivity newsletter, Work Brighter.

“I thought it would be an interesting idea to turn my freelancing site into my own case study. So instead of directly marketing my services, I would just grow a blog and a business from scratch and show clients what I could do for them.”

6. Why she treats her Facebook group like a physical space.

“I just need to have a place where I can be friends with my audience; that’s when I can really win them over.”

“I like to say that if other business Facebook groups are like business conferences out of town, mine is like the slumber party up in the hotel room afterwards.”

7. How pop culture can strengthen your personal brand.

“You’ve got to think about which parts of your personality are most important to your brand and maybe what pop culture elements represent them.”

8. Self-care as a solopreneur and why Brittany works with a business coach.

“I tend to prioritise what other people need from me before I prioritise myself. That’s just an ongoing battle of self-care that I’m working on.”

“I knew that working with a coach or some kind of authority figure, I would feel this really deep-seated need to impress them and make them happy, so that has been great for building in scheduled accountability for me.”

9. How she sets boundaries for herself and her personal definition of success.

“I’ve learned the hard way how you cannot put your career first in your life, especially above things like your health. I always say that my health is a KPI of success in my business.”

“Most of us don’t start a business because we want the title of CEO…it’s more tied to what owning a business allows us to do. So for me, that’s focusing on my health and my hobbies.”

10. Why video content can be impactful, but it’s not for everyone.

“I was astonished at how quickly my videos made an impact. There were companies and audiences that I’d been trying to get noticed in forever, and it wasn’t until I started doing video that those people noticed me.”

“Always be thinking about how you’re going to play to your own strengths.”

11. How she helps businesses tap into the value of content repurposing.

“I really try to move people away from the goal of being everywhere with their content to having the right content be in as many places as possible.”

“There’s two categories that are most important with content repurposing: the greatest hits and the hidden gems.”

12. Marketing trends Brittany is excited about right now.

“I am loving newsletters…The traditional newsletter has had a bad rep in the marketing world in the last few years. Everyone says offer a lead magnet, don’t say “join my newsletter”…but it’s not that newsletters are bad, it’s that boring, company-focused newsletters are bad.”

“Send less emails, send better email.”

13. Where to find Brittany.


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