Qchat: Is meme marketing right for your business?

It’s been said that meme marketing is the new influencer marketing. So why aren’t brands adopting it as readily as they did millennials with selfie sticks?

In a poll of our Twitter followers, we found that opinion on whether businesses should be using memes in their marketing was divided:

To get to the bottom of this, we hosted our fortnightly Twitter chat on the topic ‘Is meme marketing right for your business?’.

Here are the highlights from the #Qchat.

Q1 Why should businesses be tapping into meme culture?

Firstly, what is it about memes that makes them so popular — and why should businesses take advantage of this?

Q2 Which brands have you seen do meme marketing really well?

If you’re deciding whether to experiment with a new marketing trend, it’s always worth looking at what other brands are doing. Here are some recommendations from our Qchatters:

Q3 How do you come up with ideas for your memes?

Even though a meme seems like such a simple piece of content compared to, say, a blog post, it can be really tricky to come up with a relatable concept and a funny message. If you’re struggling, keep these tips in mind:

Q4 What tools do you use to create memes?

The good news is that memes are quick and easy to create. The proof is in the pudding — look at the ones we made during this Qchat!

Q5 How do you make sure your memes feel authentic and on-brand?

When you’re tapping into a trend on social media, you want to avoid copying other brands just for the sake of it — or worse, looking like you’re trying to ‘get down with the kids’. Here’s some advice to ensure your memes are a good fit for you and your audience.

Q6 Is there anything you should be careful of when using memes in your marketing?

Now we’ve had the ‘dos’, here are some ‘don’ts’…

Q7 Which marketing channels or campaign types are memes best suited to?

It’s time to share your memes with the world! So, where should you be posting them?

To recap:

  • Memes are a huge part of internet culture. By tapping into them, brands can communicate with their audience on their level.
  • Examples of brands that do meme marketing really well: Netflix, Denny’s Diner, Nickelodeon, Wendy’s, HubSpot, The Good Place, Buffer and Product Hunt.
  • When creating memes, use industry-specific problems or ideas that your audience can relate to.
  • Tools for creating memes: imgflip’s meme generator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer and Giphy. Also remember that a meme doesn’t have to be an image; it can simply be text e.g. the “Me: … Also me: …” formula.
  • Do: make sure memes are a natural extension of your brand voice and feel like something an individual would share, rather than a marketing team.
  • Don’t: use content that could be offensive. This article on digital blackface is an important read.
  • Twitter and Reddit are the natural habitat of memes, but they’re increasingly being shared on Facebook and Instagram.