Qchat: The secret to B2B content marketing

Marketing, in general, is quite hard. How do you get your target audience to notice you in a world full of distractions? Slap what some might deem a ‘boring’ industry and a complex product on top of that, and you’ve got B2B marketing — which is even harder.

To help us tame this unruly beast and teach us some tricks of the trade, we invited content marketer and entrepreneur Ross Simmonds to co-host our Twitter chat.

Here are the highlights from the #Qchat:

Q1 What are the key differences between B2C and B2B content marketing?

To start off with, let’s clarify how exactly B2B marketing differs from B2C.

Q2 What are the most common mistakes made in B2B content marketing? Why do you think this is?

Now we know more about the nature of B2B, we can identify where marketers are going wrong.

Q3 How can B2B brands use content marketing to generate both leads and sales? Is it different?

It’s also worth establishing where content marketing fits in your strategy — what is its purpose?

Q4 What does your B2B content distribution strategy look like?

You can have the best idea in the world, but it isn’t worth a penny if people don’t know about it. They say you should spend more time distributing content than you should creating it, so we asked our Qchatters about their favourite tactics.

Q5 Which channels are either over- or underestimated in B2B content marketing?

Compared to B2C, it’s not always as obvious which marketing channels you should be using as a B2B brand. Find out where our Qchatters think you should focus your attention:

Q6 What’s the best example of B2B content marketing you’ve seen this year?

Need some inspiration? Here’s some of the best-in-class B2B content from 2018.

Q7 What do you think will be the biggest trends in B2B content marketing next year?

We’ve reflected on the year that’s gone by, so what’s next in the B2B content marketing game?

To recap:

  • The difference between B2B and B2C marketing is that in B2B, the purchasing cycle is much longer, involves multiple stakeholders, and is less driven by emotions.
  • Nevertheless, the biggest mistake B2B marketers make is not thinking about their buyers at a human level.
  • To generate leads, create content that is worth downloading or signing up to read. To generate sales, create content that provides a valuable solution.
  • Some good distribution channels for B2B content: Reddit, Slack, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Reddit, Facebook groups, podcast sponsorships/ads and influencer marketing are often underestimated by B2B marketers. Slideshare is dead!
  • Some examples of great B2B content in 2018: Drift’s ‘Seeking Wisdom: How We Went Viral On LinkedIn Video’, Wistia’s ‘Does Production Quality Matter in Video Advertising?’, Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays, Cybereason’s Malicious Life podcast.
  • B2B content marketing trends to watch out for in 2019: video, transition into ‘consumer’ networks, passive content (e.g. podcasts), smarter investment in content, personalisation, automation/bots, and employee advocacy.