Worldwide #JewelbotsBuild: Makers Unite!

Would you like to host a #JewelbotsBuild in your city? We are kicking off pilots around the US. We will provide the supplies needed for you to host your own event, we have curriculum, loaner Jewelbots, and much more. Please fill out our interest form here and stay tuned.

The glitter station in all its glory!

The moment you walk in you see people crowded around a table with glitter sprinkling to the floor. Parents and their daughters were decorating nametags; even Sara Chipps was having fun gluing pompoms to her tag. Off to the other side were others getting fairies and dragons painted on their faces.

With the mood set for creativity and imagination, we held our second worldwide #JewelbotsBuild event, an all ages meetup where the community members could hack on Jewelbots together! The event was held in New York City. However, being worldwide, people could even join over Google Hangouts and learn about things like how “functions are the emoji of code” and so on!

The first worldwide #JewelbotsBuild event was incredibly fun! We will never get tired of seeing the spark in people’s eyes as they experience their first successful program or seeing the creativity of Jewelbot power users. With the previous events being held in the evening, many adult makers would join. This time, the event being hosted on a Saturday afternoon, lots of families were able to come! The room filled with young makers-in-progress.

At one end of the table, two 9-year-old besties excitedly pair Jewelbots together; furthering their “friends since diapers” connection and in-sync choice of cyan as their friendship color. On the other end, girls from Girls Who Code join to learn C programming for the first time through Jewelbots!

The goal of this #JewelbotsBuild was to code a game called “Catch the Leprechaun”. The game was actually invented by one of Jewelbots’ ambassadors, Sumeya Block, who joined online from Washington! Her creation has also since seen iterations like “Catch the Smurf” from other community members. For this game, a rainbow of colors flash by and you have to press the Jewelbot button when it turns green! If you succeed in “catching” the color, then a success rainbow will light up. If you miss then the Jewelbot will flash red! The best part: it’s all coded and customized!

Jewelbots hosts maker build events like this every month! Receive news and join them for next time by signing up for their newsletter at Stay coding!

End of the day group photo with some of the makers!
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