Magnum Dopus’ latest single “Scratch & Dent Blonde” pulsates with a dark and bewildering vibe

My Nguyen
2 min readSep 15, 2021
Magnum Dopus

Tennessee-based Magnum Dopus brings their intoxicating blend of ’80s new wave and psychedelic goth vibes to give you a sound both with rich dark textures and a pulsating post-punk vibe.

The quintet got started in 2017 when Andrew McCarty (vocalist) and George Cole (guitarist) started jamming together, following the breakup of their prior bands. After a handful of singles and EPs, two albums and a change in the lineup, the band is not back with their latest LP, Suburbanova. The lead single off Suburbanova is “Scratch & Dent Blonde,” a dark and compelling piece that will have you nostalgic for ’80s music and all things that are punk and of portent.

Magnum Dopus’ “Scratch & Dent Blonde”

With percussive beats that erupts from the start of this fully charged post-punk undertaking, “Scratch & Dent Blonde” leads into a new wave sound right away as McCarty’s ‘80s-inspired vocals pay ode to both the new wave culture and a very gothic sound. There was a lot of melancholy to be found here as McCarty’s vocals conjured a very Smith’s vibe. In fact, I thought McCarty’s delivery sounded a lot like Morrissey’s. The music itself contrasted with the stark vocals, powered by some hard rock guitars and pop-oriented beats. I was enthralled by the rich sounds from the very start.

The reverb-drenched vocals juxtaposed with the bouncy percussive beats made for an impactful delivery. I thought that the music encompassed a gothic and post-punk vibe, without sounding too down and out. There was an energy to “Scratch & Dent Blonde” that felt very gravitating, radiating an infectious energy that felt nearly like pop rock right from the get-go. Filled with both moody textures and a contagious energy, this single shows that there are a lot of shades to Magnum Dopus. The band’s eclectic sound blends a lot of genres and what you get is a truly unique sound worth exploring from start to finish. And hopefully you get to do so with their latest album, Suburbanova. If their single “Scratch & Dent Blonde” is any real indicator, Suburbanova is sure to be a real treat. Be sure you give both a listen today!