There are many options for developing mobile applications today. Native applications require a unique implementation for each platform, such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It’s required for some use cases such as high-performance CPU and GPU processing with lots of memory consumption. Any application that does not need over-the-top graphics and intensive CPU processing could benefit greatly from a cost-effective, write once, and run everywhere HTML5 mobile implementation.

But the problem when building App using the Ionic platform is very difficult. We have to go through a lot of steps, then have to sign App types. Then, up to Google Play and App store.

Plus, in a world where you can build your app in mere minutes, you really have no excuse not to create one.

However, there are so many mobile app development tools out there today it can make your head spin. How do you know which one to use? How do you avoid paying too much for tools you simply don’t need?

Another simple way with one click, you can also create a new app with our Tools. We have just created a new tool that can make building your app as easy as possible. This tools is based on Ionic Cordova. You can register and manage your app easily.

With 3 Steps:

1) Upload Source

It is very simple, upload your ionic source in formatted ZIP’s file. Take a tea cup while uploading the source

2) Customize your app

No-code, change Settings, customize something in your app. Make your app better in your ability

3) Deploy & Publish

Deploy your app, download & test app or submit your app to Google Play or Apple Store when it is ready

See details at: