When You Think the System is Playing You, But it’s Actually You Playing Yourself

Why It Matters

There’s a never ending battle on whether or not your teacher will always be right or wrong. Go even bigger and you can even claim that the school board, the district, even the government who pays the district is messed up. Nevertheless, you’re kidding yourself. Yes, there are those schools that are nothing but cast always, but I’m not talking about that. I’m speaking for those who have done everything they can to help people, some take advantage of the opportunity…others well actually, they don’t even take it is the problem. I’m talking about the resources that cater to each individual within a school. Resources they can help you build airplanes to sell and create art pieces to be paid to buy food. Resources are all around us, but from what I’ve found out, these students weren’t even trying to look for them.That’s right you lazy kids, don’t try to make the system your scapegoat. There is no excuse for laziness. I’ll explain how I’ve come to that claim and to how I feel that students are more like sloths than anything.

Let’s Talk About Difficulties

Coming into school as a first generation student, I was already in the gutter with not having enough financial stability and not having the best study habits. Meeting people who are in the same boat as me made me feel connected to my community, but realising that by being so, it made the connection more sad. I worked on a podcast based on the pressures of first generation first year student. I found out that the stress is based on things that deal with themselves like paying for books, staying on top of your grades and health, or worrying about whether or not you have resources that help you satisfy the needs. I found that culture seems to have a bigger impact on the pressures of the college student. I was also made aware that some college students due to parent(s) not finishing school, they will likely know that there weren’t help. That sets up a hurdle for these kids.

The Actual Problem

The more I thought about having a cultural background, the more I wondered about whether I’d have the resources I need to as my mom would say it, “graduate, get into a career, make money for the family.” For my OATS write-up, I explored more about the amount of research my campus has, for the curiosity of myself as well as others. I took this assignment in the eyes of an anthropologist: by participant observation. I would sit and research the resources on the school website and I would look around and watch the world go by. I found an interesting pattern. When talking to interviewers on my podcast previously, we’d talk about resources they’ve used to solve their problems (things they struggle with in school). During this project, I see people looking at resources in the form of visual cues. Things like flyers, posters, commercial, actual people. A lot of the websites would say that the schools either have too much commercializing within the school versus those that barely have any. Though this campus is opposite. There were enough to get the memo but little to no one took notice in the advertisement.

Why Slothing?

It seems that my timeline goes from worrying about lack of resources, to finding that there are enough resources for me to be at home, to seeing that the students are not taking advantage of what’s given to them. I felt like those that weren’t looking closely were lazy which made me think about sloths. So the math was that if students were lazy and sloths are lazy, then that means that students were sloths. It wasn’t particularly talking about the student overall (they might’ve great ones) it was just more of the action of being lazy that one time I saw them. This escalates to me thinking about how many of these one timers I’ll have. That is basically slothing- verb of being lazy, to scan but not skim. No wonder directions are repeated for one’s use, we need to use it a ton of times to get the message.

Get Out There!

Most people repressed their struggle about going out of your way to find resources for help with their pressures. That’s the deep truth about school, you’ll only remember your friends maybe and some of the dumb things you guys have done, but never what you didn’t do to pass that Math class you dropped first quarter of Freshmen year. My journey is a prime example of how you can not become a sloth. I had went out of my way to find the resources provided for me after I started struggling with my problems, I used them, even for something small, and now, I’m letting the world know and anyone else who needs help. I want you all and find a club or use the tutoring center.

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