What is new in Tesse?

We’ve just launch some huge changes on Tesse:

  • The chat bot named Tess that will help you answer your question, via chat by the Ask for Help button or via the Knowledge feed by Asking a question (like posting a status). This is him: https://tesse.io/tessbot
He is so sweet.
  • The Q&A section beside the Knowledge.
Try our feed.
  • The “anonymous” option for Q&A section that allows users to ask and answer with anonymity on the questions that are sensitive. This clear all the barriers for sharing and debating knowledge.
  • The new login page.
New login page

You can find all new features some elsewhere, except the Feed interaction of Tess Bot. Although he is not really smart now, this is the first time in the world, an AI interacts with humans on a social network.

Explore all at https://tesse.io/.

Thank you,
Tesse Team.

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