Users bear ultimate responsibility for their actions and makers should not be blamed for the misuse or overuse of their products.
The Morality of Manipulation
Nir Eyal

While I agree to the sentiment behind this, I think the statement itself bleeds arrogance and a step back towards the times of “Caveat Emptor”.

It’s not the user’s fault. It’s never the user’s fault. If some detriment that affects users at large can be avoided, I believe it is the maker’s responsibility to avoid them.

I’m not talking about edge cases or 1% scenarios — but if things are designed with a possible (undisclosed) usage that will affect a majority of users negatively, shifting the consequence to the user is just plain irresponsibility of the maker.

Again, I understand the statement within the context of “addictions we have not yet evolved antibodies for”, but as an overarching principle, I think it’s just plain wrong.

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