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Guest post by Gui Perdrix | ColivingDiaries

Here’s a super simple question:

Should we spell coliving with or without the hyphen?

I know that there are bigger problems in the world, but I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks and why.

Especially, I want to open a discussion around it and understand your reasoning.

Explore the meaning of coliving

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Guest post by Gui Perdrix | ColivingDiaries

In the first article of this sequence, we defined coliving as “a residential structure that accommodates three of more biologically unrelated people”. This leaves room to a lot of different types of coliving structures to exist — and it’s time to narrow it down.

This article will define coliving further by establishing boundaries around what coliving means. And this will happen by narrowing down the term to its intention — namely, defining coliving as a freely chosen living form.

Coliving as a Lifestyle

If coliving describes the way we live with others under one roof and share common space, then it should be interpreted as a lifestyle choice. In that case, the definition of coliving should include the notion of primary residence. …

Is coliving a trend or here to stay?

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Photo: Hillary Ungson

Guest post by Gui Perdrix | ColivingDiaries

It’s 2019 and the term coliving is buzzing in the news. For many, it seems to be a new concept, while historically speaking, coliving has been existing as a living concept for centuries.

What we are experiencing is not the rise of a new term. Rather, we are witnessing the growth of an existing movement, and more specifically, the emergence of an industry.

The following articles will explain what coliving is, how coliving has been growing over the last decades, and what coliving means as an industry. …

Creating a common cause

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Photo: Tom Parkes

Article originally published by Mirona Constantinescu in 2013 on Superhero Spaces.

“Despite current ads and slogans, the world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible.”

Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze

My Facebook status update from November 27th seemed to spark something for people. This post is meant to expand and circulate the energy around creating a Future-Ready Co-Living Community in San Diego which started with a desire for:

“a co-housing setup with social entrepreneurs, futurists, hacktivists, progressive scientists, culture makers, and influencers who collectively and individually work on projects and partake in integral/collective insight…

OK boomer

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Photo by Christian Bowen

Guest article by Judy Sheard.

I am 65 years old, an introvert, and have recently discovered the gem that is coliving.

I have spent time at Roam Miami, a community occupying a former boarding house that is now a completely renovated coliving establishment.

It has 4 buildings, each with 8–10 rooms, and all with their own bathroom.

The rooms are beautiful; some quaint, others roomy, all very comfortable. There is a fully-stocked communal kitchen (the center of the Roam universe), a swimming pool, a large work space, small conference rooms, a library, yoga room and area for community meals.

There is rarely a time when the kitchen is empty. …

The future is bright

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Guest article by Rotimi Lademo

1. What should be shared?

I remember a time when people couldn’t imagine letting a stranger take you around town while other strangers got in the car. Or even crazier, staying in the house of a totally random person you’ve never met.

I bring these memories to light because the same thing will happen with coliving. Things that nobody (or most people) thought would never happen, will happen.

So, in an attempt to paint the coliving landscape of the future, I’ll start with answering these questions and the core principles they address.


As coliving grows and new residences are built from the ground up that have sharing in mind, averaging the cost of utilities without accounting for individual usage will quickly become an issue. …

America’s Finest City struggles

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Article by David Lowe

You might have seen the recent headline on the news that read,

San Diego ranked 53rd on Best Cities For Millennials List

Since moving to San Diego to begin my quest to create a coliving community and having spoken to the local population of millennials, we frequently hear lines like “I miss the creative vibe of New York” or “San Francisco’s tech and startup scene is so hot”.

Having read the article Millennials Aren’t Settling In San Diego. Here’s Why, it is clear that the city has a negative migratory pattern that needs to be fixed.

Coliving, traveling and tribes

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Photo: Trevor Cole

Article by David Lowe

When marketing maestro Seth Godin wrote his book Tribes — We Need You To Lead Us, it brought an idea more commonly seen in Africa and Asia to the US.

When we hear the word “tribe” images of Aboriginals in Australia, the Karen women with elongated necks in Thailand or the Huli Wigmen of Papa New Guinea pop into our heads. But as Seth simply puts it:

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. …

Coliving through the eyes of a Millennial

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Photo: Lachlan Gowen

Article by Rotimi Lademo

I recently created Rethink Space to share my thoughts on the future of living.

I’ll be taking a look at the underlying movement behind minimalism, tiny houses, coliving, internet of things (IOT), sustainable design and more!

I’ll also be taking a stab at a few topics that haven’t seen too much attention (if any) including coliving architecture, UX/UI in home design, optional privacy, homeownership myth fallacy and other topics as I learn more over time.

A little about me..

During the past 3 years I’ve lived in Boston, Los Angeles, and now San Francisco and in every city it has been extremely difficult to find an affordable place to live. …

Luxury condos are not what they seem

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Article by David Lowe

I remember the day in 2014 when I moved into a luxury condo (360 Condominiums) in Austin, TX. I felt as if I was moving up in the world.

My startup was the underdog punching well above its weight, things were going well in the US following my move from the UK and this seemed like the right time to try something I had never experienced before.

During the condo tour a few weeks earlier, I was dazzled by the swimming pool, gym, games and movie room and promise of community.

The manager of the building said there were other Founders of companies that he could introduce me to and there were frequent socials to meet people. They even had their own online portal to connect residents. …



Qwerky combines micro-living with coliving. Stay with like minded people. Live with purpose:

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