Love is indeed be done in moderation .
Elle Beau

“Orgone [pronunciation?] is a “pseudo-scientific spiritual concept” variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force”

Wiki said this not me.

Haha don’t be sad about me I understand what I am talking about. Your talking points are not new to me, they are a generic defense of your personal behavior and desire ie: rationalization .

“ live as half a person” this is a belief that there is a unique self that has a full way to live. It isn’t real this the legacy of abramic religions the concept of soul but it isn’t true conscious beings are intelligible and there isn’t anything unique about them .

It isn’t scarcity it is temporarily and the fact your desires not been real(as in absolute part of you).

Okay there is two levels I am talking about you doesn’t seem to understand this

  1. Personal level

Yes I agree you should take responsibility for your own feeling. Work on themselves because problems. they exist inside your head. This is true for any person who faces any tragedy .

2. Societal level

But on societal level if you allow it to foster too much compare and despair element it will crumble. This is why inequality is a problem mostly.

If I find a group of hungry homeless people I don’t go in front of them and eat cake then if they get angry I don’t tell them I shouldn’t have to live half full life because some people have less fortune in getting food(finding partners). Because it is a unkind thing to do.

You speaking like that because you are attached to the concept of “passion”. And you can’t give it up . And no you can’t live like that there is a link between pleasure and attachment if you can so easily let go you wouldn’t be defending it saying “ Sex is on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”, you clearly can’t let it go.

And I am not asking you to I am just saying to recognition of it to what it is and moderation .