Actually, there’s quite a bit of doubt.
Jere Krischel

Given the speed of your response, I doubt you watched the videos.

The current data suggest that in fact, the system dynamically reacts.

Your link starts by saying this:

there is something they do not mention: at the same time humanity is spewing forth carbon, nature is busily sucking up that carbon and storing it away. A new analysis of the carbon cycle has produced an unexpected result — not only is the absorption of carbon continuing unabated it has actually expanded. The latest scientific tally indicates that since 1959, approximately 350 billion tons of carbon have been emitted by humans to the atmosphere, of which about 55% has been reabsorbed by the land and oceans.

This is correct. The article appears to go off the rails here:

Atmospheric CO2 Increase = Human Emissions + Land Use — Ocean Uptake

This equation is obviously wrong, since it omits absorption by vegetation. The entire basis for the article seems to be replacing “carbon uptake by vegetation” with “the missing sink”.

The same thing seems to be true of CO2, and nobody predicted it.

False. It has been known since at least the 19th century that the natural environment absorbs CO2, although the rate of absorption was slightly underestimated in the 1970s when AGW theory was developed.

This is likely explained by them having lack of information in the 1970s. We have much more information today.

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