I hear you, David, and understand. I have even given out the same message at times.
Douglas Milnes

You caught yourself wondering why it matters that most men are killed by men, when I pointed out that most people who are killed are men. You probably thought it was otherwise before I pointed out some facts. Ask around your friends or colleagues, see how many of them have learnt lies too, and ask yourself who taught you all those lies.

I don’t see “lies” being involved here: mostly, people just aren’t aware. Certainly with regard to the fact that many more murder victims are men than women, this is no surprise to me, but I didn’t know.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity (or ignorance)

Now, I think you’d like to make the case that there’s some kind of effort going on to keep people unaware. I would be curious to read about the evidence that this is true. Got links?

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