You’re suggesting that an algorithm can determine not just what’s fake (untrue) but also what’s “hyper-partisan?”
Tell me how an algorithm will “verify sources?”
Tim Scott

I expect it would be dramatically easier to detect hyper-partisan articles than to distinguish what’s true and false. The former could be inferred reliably by considering both the language used in the article itself and the network of shares. I have no doubt Facebook has the technology to detect all kinds of political ideology, even beyond the usual shades of left and right; since hyper-partisan articles are mostly shared by partisan people, a widely-shared article of this type is easy to identify by looking at who shares it. As for “verified” sources, I don’t know what the author means by that.

Tens of millions of people consider MSNBC to be hyper-partisan. Tens of millions of other people consider Fox News to be hyper-partisan.

No, I don’t think that’s a reasonable use of the word “hyper”.

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