How to Make it As a Writer, Part I: The Leap of Faith
Austin Frank

I hope you succeed and that you enjoy the journey.

I have bit of a paradox. I don’t think I really enjoy writing per se; I enjoy learning and teaching important truths. But with no audience, I have little motivation to teach those things, and with so many other things I also want to do in life — and no reason to think I could make money writing — I fear I’ll never figure out how to express some of the core truths in my heart, or even to get people to read the stuff I’ve already written.

Anyway, this is a good idea you have here. I loved your last story (congratulations on the wide readership!) and I’m sure I will enjoy reading about your journey. And if you should fail, hey, you can always come to my house for a failure club party! 🎉 😃

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