I’d start with the “Dirty Dozen”.
Jere Krischel

If we’re able to get two or three more justices replaced on the SCOTUS over the next 7 years

I’m afraid you won’t be able to convince me to desire a Supreme Court stocked up with conservatives.

Setting that issue aside, the Supreme Court is unable to pass laws, and it can only strike down laws that it deems unconstitutional. There are a many constitutional laws that concern me — and I’m sure you could think of some laws that you are similarly concerned about. For instance, the tax code has been called “swiss cheese” because it has so many loopholes. But loopholes in the tax code are not unconstitutional. And I’m concerned with regulations about wires and utility poles. There’s probably no constitutional issue there.

That’s why I believe we must primarily try to reform Congress.

And what else is great about it is that I think a most conservatives and liberals would agree that money in politics is a problem — it’s a “crossover issue”, so it’s a little mystifying that Americans are passing up this opportunity to work together. I guess it’s because liberals and conservatives have each been taught to hate each other, but I think it’s the politicians that deserve our ire instead.

irrational lawfare of the left regarding border security

I don’t know to what you refer.

(I note that the Andrew Jackson’s Democratic party was the conservative pro-slavery party.)

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