I did not pick 1945 because it was a hot year.
John the TIB

I picked it because it was the end of WWII


As you can see in the above chart the past has been systematically moved cooler in an extremely sophisticated way NOAA has applied little adjustments to the adjustments which mimic almost perfectly the CO2 increase from 1945 (310ppm). This effectively doubles the temperatures increase since 1945.

I would ask just one question: out of about 10,000 publishing climate scientists, can you name one, just one, who endorses this theory of fraudulent adjustments, and prove that they endorse it?

I think even well-known public-facing contrarians like Roy Spencer, John Christy and Judith Curry would just roll their eyes at this nutjob idea. But that’s probably okay with you somehow.

Wait, what climate scientist even claims that any large adjustments exist after 1945?