The chief campaign of the Alt Right and figures within it — such as provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos or MRA crank Scott Adams — is a war against attempts to give women and minorities a larger role in our culture and anyone who might suggest hate speech is actually dangerous.
The Strange Paradox At The Heart of the Alt-Right
Gillian Branstetter

Scott Adams — the Dilbert guy — is a member of the Alt Right? I find that hard to believe. Citation needed.

If you think he’s waging a “war against attempts to give women and minorities a larger role in our culture and anyone who might suggest hate speech is actually dangerous,” I think you’re incorrect on both counts. Citations needed.

In fact, you inspired me to go look at his blog. He apparently predicted Donald Trump would win the nomination last year — well before most people could have believed it — so I’m inclined to hear him out. Successful predictions in opposition to conventional wisdom are a proxy indicator for intelligence, aren’t they? He has some interesting posts about this election:

I don’t vote, and I don’t support the policies of either candidate. My political preferences are quite different from both.
I started my blogging about Trump last year by saying the Master Persuader Filter might be the best tool for predicting the outcome of the election. Using that filter, I accurately predicted Trump’s rise to the GOP nomination against all odds. If the filter fails to predict the results of the general election, keep in mind that it will be because Clinton hired better persuaders, and not because of policies and experience.
Don’t expect to hear anything honest or true come from the mouths of either candidate for the rest of the campaign. Both candidates are skillfully building imaginary castles and make-believe demons out of your cognitive dissonance and your confirmation bias. You’re seeing the best-of-the-best persuaders (and helpers) operating at the highest level. Facts and policies are sitting this one out.
Objectively speaking, we are likely to have incompetent leadership — because of age alone — no matter whether Clinton or Trump wins. That should scare you.

You also called him a crank, a “pejorative term used for a person who holds an unshakable belief that most of his or her contemporaries consider to be false,” according to Wikipedia. So I’m just wondering, what specific crank belief would you claim he has, and what evidence do you have for that?

At age 59 he’s obviously not a “young” conservative. It’s very strange to lump him in with Milo Yiannopoulos.

I did find one thing that surprised me: he did an interview with Breitbart, Alt-Right central. Which probably means we can at least guess he’s a conservative.

(Edit) Although I’ve been wary of Breitbart for its biased news and the crazy comments section, I found their what-is-the-alt-right coverage to be dramatically more informative and even-handed than far left and feminist descriptions of what it is. It’s worth noting that one of the authors of that article is Milo Yiannopoulos, and the article says this:

“we do not identify with the alt-right.”

So neither of the men you identify as “within” the alt right, are (but if Milo doesn’t identify with the alt right, with what does he identify? A mystery for another day, I suppose.)

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