One of the most effective AI intervention in the last election was done by Cambridge Analytics, a…

Thanks for that link. Geez, Robert Mercer sounds like the kind of random, frustrating (and now commonplace) internet commentor that makes you facepalm when you read his conspiracy theories. And based on that article it’s surprising how many different pies Mercer stuck his fingers in! Although I’m a programmer myself, more and more I am not trusting techies to understand the real world, especially people, politics, poverty, or the manufactured pressure to hate Hillary. But we live now in a world where the billionaires seem to have all the power, and lots of them are techies. The groups that cooked up smears and conspiracy theories against the Clintons starting over 20 years ago succeeded beyond their wildest dreams now that they have billionaires carrying the torch for them…

It’s funny to compare how Bannon describes Mercer — “the most middle-class people you will ever meet” — to the facts lower down:

Mercer retains a domestic staff that includes a butler and a physician; both accompany him whenever he travels. […] In 2013, three members of the household staff sued to recover back wages, claiming that Mercer had failed to pay overtime, as promised, and that he had deducted pay as punishment for poor work. One infraction that Mercer cited as a “demerit” was a failure to replace shampoo bottles that were two-thirds empty. This suit, too, was settled.
Mercer has bought several spectacular yachts, including the Sea Owl, which is two hundred and three feet long. A 2013 photo shows the gates of the Tower Bridge, in London, raised high to allow it to proceed up the Thames. The Sea Owl has a crew of eighteen, and features a hand-carved “tree” that twists through four levels of decks […]

And, funny how the supposedly liberal New York Times published a ‘front-page article based on the book “Clinton Cash,”’ published by the president of Bannon & Mercer’s “Government Accountability Institute”.

However, the article you linked to says nothing about any specific AI interventions by Cambridge Analytics.

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