It looks as though you have a lot of homework to do.
Mitchell S. Smith

There are far more than 10,000 published papers in climatology, so if I wanted to read reliable information about climatology, why would I ignore all the published research and read an anti-AGW book by John Casey, who is not a climatologist or meteorologist, who has published zero papers in climatology?

I checked out an earlier book that he wrote, Dark Winter. It is unreasonable and incendiary. For instance, there have been nine investigations of ClimateGate that cleared the scientists involved. Of course, if those investigations had found that one or two climatologists acted improperly, it wouldn’t somehow bring down the entire body of scientific knowledge built by thousands of scientists, but that’s beside the point. The point is that the author dismisses those investigations and conclusions out of hand — if he is even aware of them at all.

The book also makes no effort whatsoever to seem credible, since it starts from the very beginning by dismissing the “now thoroughly discredited greenhouse gas theory” out of hand. That’s assuming the conclusion a.k.a. begging the question. It does this not only for global warming itself but other issues as well. In other words it’s designed only to be read by people that are already convinced.

The sloppy writing style actually reminds me of Noam Chomsky’s “Hegemony or Survival”, only this book is worse. The idea that Obama or anyone else should buy his books is laughable.

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