How to get noticed
Yann Girard

This is a great tip, but um… I must disagree here:

The leverage they already have will lead to even more leverage because their existing fans will like their stuff, spread their stuff, hit that share button and then they’ll reach even more people.
That’s not unfair or anything.

I can’t let that slide. Far from being fair, this is one of the key unfairnesses of life, that the successful (whether in terms of fame or fortune) automatically get more success without having to really work at it, that being successful depends not just on intelligence or hard work, but on timing and luck, and that most of us not only will never be billionaires, but realistically could never be, even if we’re world-class hard-working Encyclopedia Browns. The funny thing is, you’ve failed enough times in life to already understand this.

I point it out because there are too many people in this world who believe in the Just World Fallacy, a belief that has tangible negative impacts on our world (here’s one example). For instance, when I get in a debate with someone about copyright and point out that the current system makes a few people into “rock stars” (literal or figurative) and the rest into peasants, typically the other person justifies this by saying their success was well deserved, unlike the non-rock-stars who apparently didn’t deserve success because they’re not successful (or, you know, they will be successful eventually, if they deserve it). This belief that the world is somehow already fair prevents us from trying new programs and public policies, and it justifies poverty and apathy.

You know, even if this tip of yours works wonders (and it’s tempting to try it, although writing isn’t my main occupation), it probably would have worked better in the earlier days of Medium and there is still an element of luck: I needed to be lucky enough to stumble upon this article before I could learn this tip!

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