The point of libertarianism as a political or economic philosophy is a belief in the good work of competition — the ability of markets and people to self-regulate based on the basic rules of capitalism and “the invisible hand.”
The Strange Paradox At The Heart of the Alt-Right
Gillian Branstetter

This isn’t really what libertarianism is about. You’re defining libertarianism as a brand of capitalism, which is a lot like equating liberalism with statism or communism. In fact, libertarians are focused on liberty. They seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice. While they like free markets, they have a fetish for private property and they have tendencies to hate taxes and distrust government, the central core of libertarianism is freedom.

I’m puzzled that you wrote a piece that is largely about cultural libertarian without even knowing what “libertarian” means. Just guessing, but logically “cultural libertarians” would want the freedom to say and believe whatever they want — in many ways an affirmation of the free-speech principle on which the nation was founded.

Free speech, in this context, evidently means the freedom to abuse and encourage the abuse of individuals.

Citation needed. Can you, for instance, show that mainstream “cultural libertarians” (if there is such a thing) supported harassment against Leslie Jones? And what exactly is the distinction between “cultural libertarian” and “alt-right”?

(Edit) For the record, the way people treated Leslie Jones was deplorable and disgusting, and while I don’t follow Milo Y, he sounds like a world-class asshole. However, the article I just linked to never describes him as a “cultural libertarian”.

So, are you sure “cultural libertarian” isn’t merely a term for those with the attitude of Voltaire?

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Finally, I’m wondering about the title. What is the Strange Paradox At The Heart of the Alt-Right?

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