You provided excellent links showing the process of education information verification does require…
Mike Meyer

automated, AI based manipulation of specific constituencies in the last election

To what do you refer? The single biggest AI (machine learning system) influencing the last election was Facebook’s, and it wasn’t pushing a specific agenda or trying to manipulate people.

Campaign finance reform was attempted with incremental limits on donation size tied to federal funding. We ended up with Citizens United just cut to the chase. We are much farther away than anytime in the last century. You actually think there is a chance to get Congress, whatever their initial intentions, to finally enact serious reform now?

Not right now, no. The politicians will not spontaneously decide to reform themselves. To get reform, the people have to first understand what kind of reform we need so they can pressure Congress to enact it. So step 1 is to educate the people about how corruption works in Congress, step 2 is to reform Congress. If the people don’t know what will works and what will not, they will keep supporting measures that won’t work. That’s why I wrote the article. Unfortunately, to get my message across I need like a million people reading it all the way to the end; thus far I’ve managed to get about a hundred views.

requires revolutionary change

It’s hard to imagine what you mean by that, if not civil war.

But regardless of what we do — whether it’s a corruption reform bill or some sort of “revolution” — it’ll take something like a million people unified behind a common goal that is realistically achievable (otherwise it’ll end badly). That’s why I’m devoting to spreading the message of how to fix corruption. Campaign finance reform isn’t the only thing we need — far from it — but it’s the first thing, and it’s needed badly.


And, finally, we do not have time. The climate disaster is on us and will overwhelm our civilization with massive migrations, resource wars, and xenophobic feudalism. The Trump regime is the start of the collapse.

I know the feeling that doom is imminent, but I don’t see signs of imminent collapse yet, and the climate crisis will take more than a century to play out. The good news is, if we’re smart, we may even be able to reverse it.