Why Trump, Not Hillary, Is The Lesser Evil
Andrea Speijer-Beek

You taught me some disturbing things I didn’t know about Hillary — well, exactly one thing, that she’s a hawk. That’s unsettling, but what you’ve failed to do is show that Trump is somehow less evil. I’ve been reading a lot about Trump. Even if he isn’t evil in the conventional sense of malevolence or malignancy, even if he isn’t a racist, he’s still a self-absorbed buffoon who doesn’t have the right disposition, or knowledge, or experience, or diplomacy, or impulse control, or attention span to be president.

By contrast, when I read about Hillary it’s a refreshing contrast in many ways. She really seems to have listened to the Bernie wing of the party. Her policy proposals come out of committees of experts. Even when she’s wrong (like all her military adventurism), at least she had carefully considered reasons for acting foolishly. I simply cannot expect Trump to take a cerebral approach to any problem, but the position of president demands intelligence and measured behavior. With Hillary, at least there’s a chance she’s learn from her mistakes.

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