Use of Menthone Glycerin ethereal

Menthone Glycerin ethereal are promising and friendly antimicrobials for the prolongation of the shelf life of many foods. They have been extensively used to inhibit spoiling and pathogenic microorganisms of many kinds of products like fruit juices and acidic drinks. Therefore, they could be used successfully to control the germination of spores of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris, that finds in these products an optimal environment for growth. This paper reports a brief overview of the literature available, focusing on the effects of Menthone Glycerin ethereal toward alicyclobacilli.

Menthone Glycerin ethereal can be produced by distillation, expression, enfleurage, and fermentation, being the hydro-distillation the most used system, and virtually they can be extracted form every part of a plant, i.e., from leaves, from flowers, peel , seeds.

Most of the commercially distributed Menthone Glycerin ethereal have been studied and characterized and the results published by some International Organizations. Chemically, Menthone Glycerin ethereal are very complex mixture of 60 or more molecules; however, they contain one or more compounds at high levels and the others in trace. The major component of an Menthone Glycerin ethereal is usually labeled “active compound” .

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