Loneliness might kill you!

Did you know that loneliness might be a bigger health risk than smoking cigarettes? Researchers at Brigham Young University found that social isolation increases your risk of death by an astounding ~30%, and some estimates have it as high as 60%.

We are getting lonelier and this is a health risk. But how do we cure loneliness? Even though loneliness is a feeling, we think that the feeling comes from different factors in todays society such as:

Social media
Ah we really love that word, social media. The fast access we have to view other people lives and personalities on social media can also come with a high cost: loneliness.

We can all relate to the feeling you get when you’re lying in your bed all by yourself on a Friday evening scrolling through social media and as you swipe your way through, all you see is your friends and people you follow and how they’re having the time of their life. At least in their pictures. #Nightout #Bestie. That feeling, is loneliness.

Loneliness is contagious
As we’re getting lonelier and lonelier, the feeling of loneliness is spreading as a disease containing everyone it touches. Now that’s a scary flu.

Loneliness spreads in groups of people via negative social interactions, so if you want to avoid the feeling of loneliness you better unfollow the “I feel lonely” Facebook page. By using our social networks we can increase or decrease loneliness.

According to research the idea that loneliness can be contagious is counterintuitive because we tend to believe that, by definition, lonely people keep to themselves. The research showed that when feelings of loneliness began to emerge, those feelings were transmitted to others before the person began to sever ties and move away from a social network.

Loneliness might sound innocent and be waved away as “just a feeling”, but feeling lonely might kill you!

You’re not alone with feeling lonely and it’s totally fine to feel, but sometimes our feelings dig a too deep hole and loneliness takes over. Change always starts with ourselves, that’s why we have some things you can do when you feel lonely:

  1. Surround yourself with people who don’t feel lonely.
    When you do feel lonely the best thing to do is to surround yourself (and your social media feed) with people and pages who don’t feel lonely.
  2. Listen to songs that bring you joy and gets you motivated.
    Some people say that the music you listen to reflect your mood — if this statement is true for you, listen to upbeat songs when you feel lonely instead of seeking comfort in sad songs.
  3. Meet new people and get new experiences.
    There’s never a bad time to meet new people and get new experiences. Instead of just wishing that you could have as fun as the people you follow on social media: do it too!

Now make sure to stay alive by curing loneliness!

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