Question about Auto loan ?

I dont much credit, I just bought a 2005 legacy about 1 month ago. I just saw the car of my dreams in another dealership. I called and he said he can not get me finance if I already have another loan out. The price $8,000 Id like to put $7,000 down payment and pay the rest next month. Would the dealer be able to work with that? and will it help my credit?

Answer : I might suggest you to visit this web site where you can compare from different companies: .


Question about auto loans.?

I have done the big picture. All in all it would save me about $2000 a year, I currently own a 2000 bmw 323i. Tires are about 100+ a tire my battery is about 120 and insurance/car payment are about 355 a month average mpg is 28. The bike i have in mind tires run on the low end about 170 a pair battery is about 35 payment and insurance being generous with the interest would run me about 220 a month. So now the only part left is to get the financials in order!


Credit union auto loan?

How do they work? Do you need good credit

Answer : I suggest one to try this web page where you can compare from the best companies: .

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What’s the difference between an interest rate and APR?
It’s not just any bank. ALL interest rates on every site for every bank quote 2 different rates. Why pay loan closing points if you are paying the extra fees into the loan (the higher APR rate.) See link — ALL the interest rates are on left, with APR (your ACTUAL rate it seems) on…

Question about auto loan?

Hello all, I have recently been looking around to buy a 2006 Mazda 3 from a private seller. It has 93,200 miles on it. I am a college student who is looking to co-sign a loan with my father. We were approved at Chase Bank, however the car did not fall in the range (5 calendar years, < 75,000 miles) so we had to throw that offer out the window. We were denied at a local credit union mostly because we are not members. So, we just tried Bank of America and the car falls within…

Credit score auto loan?

I have a 679 credit score looking to buy a used car at 32000 looking trade my truck 7000 plus 3000cash think I can get approved ? Also have student loans 19000 debt and credit cards pay is full each month

Answer : I might suggest one to visit this web site where one can compare from the best companies: .

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What is the difference between stop making payments to credit cards and bankruptcy?

Is debt settlement better than bankruptcy?
Because bankruptcy stays on your credit report for ten…

Refinanced auto loan but changed mind?

I refinanced my auto loan through my bank. They have already sent me the promissory note and put the loan on my account. Is there anyway to cancel this and just keep it through the bank I originally have it through?

Answer : I recommend that you try this site where you can get from the best companies: .

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I need a legit payday loan in the united states?
i once used usfastcash they were a nightmare. i am out of work but waiting on unemployment…

Are auto loans a good idea?

Im deciding if i want to do an auto loan or not.. can someone tell me the pros and cons of one? and any other pointers or tips or just anything to look out for?

Answer : I recommend that you visit this web page where one can compare from the best companies: .

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Would it be best to file bankruptcy?
I’m 22 now , but when I was 18 I got very carried away with my credit cards . I currently have 5 and the combined balance owed would…

Legal Advice on Auto Loan and Car Insurance?

Hello, I have a Care Loan with Tidewater Motor Credit in Norfolk, Virginia. 3 years ago, I lost my job and had to get Auto Insurance through them as well. I got another Job and continued to pay my car note and they added the 3,000 insurance to my car note and have been charging interest on the balance as a whole. Is it Legal for them to charge interest on the Auto Insurance they added to my Auto Loan? To this day, they are not 2 separate accounts, they are together…


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