Unifi’s REPREVE: Responsible for the waste and planet

REPREVE is a textile brand belonged to Unifi Inc. producing recycled fiber that is made from recycled materials, including used plastic bottles, industry waste. REPREVE reprieve the planet by offsetting the need to use resources such as petroleum and emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Providing quality recycled textile fiber, REPREVE has been an ingredient to make a consumer brand sustainable.

As sustainability trend is expected to stay in the industry for a long time, leading brands have noticed the market demand and made efforts to add value of “environmental friendly” to the brand culture. Visiting the official website, REPREVE is doing B2B with leading brands such as Adidas, New balance, Timberland, and also Patagonia. However, there is no hash tag on the Instragram linking REPREVE to those popular leading brand. A hash tag called “ madewithrepreve” only has 32 posts and almost all made by REPREVE official account. It may be benefit to create hash tag to encourage more involvement and creating more connection.

A picture posted by Mgsurfline would be a good example for linking products to the recycled material. By providing the “Plastic bottle” symbol and the specific number of the recycled plastic bottle, consumers can perceived the information that “ it takes 15 plastic bottles to create the bikini suit”. It shows directly link between the products, consumer brands, and the REPREVE — the recycled fabric supplier. Visualizing such direct links would be a great way to educate the consumer and disseminate the value and implication of what REPREVE is doing.

It is interesting that a same video showing the partnership between Patagonia and REPREVE posted with different name on two channels has huge difference in number of views. “ Patagonia Partner: Unifi, Inc., Yadkinville, N.C.” on Patagonia official channel had 6489 views, while the “Patagonia + REPREVE = Reprieve for the Planet | #BrandsChooseREPREVE” has only 462 views on REPREVE official channel. Nowadays, social medias have multiple forms (blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) divided by different motivations and all interconnected. Patagonia has been a content marketing industry leader by using multiple social medias to connect with consumers. Patagonia utilizes their loyal and sizable Instagram followership (more than 2.3 million) to disseminate long form content (blogs, long video etc.). It is a good opportunity for brand to establish Instagram as a distributor and a community for engaging content and applicable news for a warm target consumer base.

As an industry leader of environmental friendly, Patagonia did a lot to establish the sustainability brand image. “Patagonia Recycled Polyester” explains and shows how manufacturer transform plastic bottles to apparel. In the video, the manufacturer — REPREVE is only mentioned in the last and the term “REPREVE” only shows on a truck in one timepoint. REPREVE also creates same kind of video, “REPREVE It’s What’s In It” shows the various implication of fabrics adopted by brands. This kind of technological and informational video can be used as a co-marketing materials released on the official website of the consumer brands next to the products made by the recycled materials, which can obtain attention from the consumers and enhance brand recognition of REPREVE .