Friend and “Friend”

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Hello , my friends. I have something I want to tell in here, this is about 
friendship especially my area.This is about how the nature of my friends , how he treats his or her nature to people who are not in the scope of friendship or a “gang” of his.

Yes, I have many friends who are really a friend and I have many “friend” .Friend and “friend” is different,a friend who is really a friend is always there for us.But “friend” is not,they always forget you when they are happy . So “friend” usually come when he needs you or he abandoned by her friend.He is kind because he wants something from you.After you help her , he will forget and left you.

There is also a “friend” who enjoys telling about others,so ugly traits of the person in the story . Repeat and repeat telling about another person.Even though that person who they are telling have nice traits.So if the person in the story joined with they , they always ostensibly good.

There is also a picky friend , so they only want to mingle with her friends or “geng” .Even though they have another friend,so if they make a party , just for they who is on they mini family .

I’m creating this with a fact not an opinion and sorry if my English language is bad , I’m learning English .
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