Respect the People behind Pokémon Go, Please!

Our local newspaper is just awesome with ridiculous articles.

The article leveraged on the recent Pokémon Go wave.

The author explained that something like this (Pokémon Go) happens because of “a rare (and sometimes accidental) confluence of factors”.

His exact words:

Such widespread acceptance and recognition is the envy of every businessman. That amount of traction with the public can easily translate into a dominant market share and robust earnings growth.
Of course, replicating something like this is difficult; it happens because of a rare (and sometimes accidental) confluence of factors. Some say it’s lightning in a bottle and is never likely to be repeated.

How shallow and disrespectful can he get?

He ended up suggesting our local stock exchange — Bursa Malaysia to come up with their own game “of the similar concept” to monetize it.

Idiot. Blinded by Money.

Our country is like that. We never change. 80% of us are clouded by fame and fortune.

Respect the Hard Work and Dedication of Others, PLEASE!

The smash-hit Pokémon Go did not appear overnight.

It took John Hanke 20 years to work on its Augmented Reality gameplay alone.

He firstly launched ‘Keyhole’ in 2000 (16 years ago), which was later bought by Google and it’s now called ‘Google Earth’. Then he worked on Google Street View for 6 years, just to collect information on those Poké-Stops and Poké-Gym you see in the game.

With always having the idea of a game in Augmented Reality, Ingress was born in 2012. Ingress continued to serve as a foundation for Pokémon Go.

Satoshi Tajiri, the founder of Pokémon, first concieved the idea of Pokémons in 1990 (26 years ago, in case you can’t count). Back then Nintendo couldn’t really grasp his idea, so he and his friends took 6 utterly painful years to produce it. They persisted without salary and odd jobs.

All that just for their first game, Pokémon Red and Blue, to be on the rapidly declining Game Boy console.

Thereafter, they continued to work with Nintendo on dozens of Pokémon game just to build the game franchise.

Don’t forget they also have consistent volumes of cartoons and movies, for the last 19+ years!

Pokémon Go is a product of the marriage of not only Satoshi Tajiri and John Hanke but also thousands of people and millions of Poké-fans in the background supporting them!

Their marriage probably started off with Google and the Pokémon Company made a fun collaboration to allow viewers to find Pokémon on Google Map.

Starter Pokémon throughout the years.

I’ve just merely summarised bunch of intricate details and painful journey these guys go through just to give us that “mouth-watering potential to earn big bucks”.

They deserve it.

Idiots like you, who disregard their hardwork as “rare occurence” are just despicable!

If you really want a “1Malaysia Dash” copied game that has an overnight success, prepare a minimum 20 years of commitment and we’ll see. Otherwise, I don’t think anyone wants to play it.

Eddie Cantor: It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.

Instead of copying, I think you, the esteemed author of our local newspaper, should promote the hard work and dedication of others and encourage people like us to learn from Satoshi and John to preserve on our original dreams.

Fun fact:

The first Pokémon series was broadcast on 1 April 1997 in Japan. 17 years later on the same April Fools’ Day 2014, Google and the Pokémon Company teamed up to allow viewers to find Pokémon on Google Map.

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