Trump’s Objectifying Words on Women: Politically and Socially

“He was seeing a bitch on the side while his wife was pregnant”, I overhead a female in the gym telling her male friend.

On Face The Nation this morning John Dickerson asked a focus group if they were stranded on the side of the road, would they want Hillary or Trump to drive by. A female raised her hand for Trump and when John asked her why, she replied “Well, clearly he likes woman”.

Two very important themes in these conversations that we as a nation need to address if we are honest about the world we have created and the world we want to live in…

Trump’s words depicting how he views woman and how he believes he can treat woman are despicable and universally rejected by all. At least publicly. Because behind closed locker rooms, conference rooms and sometimes daringly whispered over public venues, this is the behavior that is too common and too often dismissed by both sexes. Billy Bush’s silence and laughter, while easy to criticize publicly is representative of the deafening ear too many turn.

Yes, there is a political side of his words and yes there is a general non-political view as well…

Politically speaking, the Office of the Presidency is one we hold highest regard for in this nation. Our children look up to this office and dream to be sitting behind the desk of the Oval. We want the person sitting there to be eloquent, respectful and dignified. So when a person running for this office deflects by saying ‘well, someone else did / said similar’ — he is undermining his own apology by offering an excuse and dismissal. Since when do we want our President to offer excuses of copying others on issues of human respect? We want our President to set an example and say ‘I don’t care what the other people did/said, this is me — and I am better than that’.

Politically speaking, yes Bill did bad things but this is Hillary vs Trump, not Bill vs Trump. Truth is that if Hillary wins, she will have done so in spite of her man and not because of Bill. And regardless of which side of the political arena you are on, what a powerful message to our daughters.

Putting politics aside, why do men and woman allow this behavior in 2016? For woman, why do we keep allowing woman-on-woman hate? From the earlier gym quote, why did this female not have an adjective for the cheating husband and why only for the mistress? For the woman in the Face The Nation focus group, why not have trust that another female will help you in your time of need vs painting a picture of allowing a male to rescue the pretty woman stranded? In both the scenarios, what is the message that our 10 and 15 and even 20 year old daughters hear?

Words matter. How we talk to and about each other matters. Lyrics in the music we create and listen to matter. What we say when we think no one is listening matters. How we trust each other to help us in various situations matter. Do we rely on our looks and a man’s perspective of us or do we trust in each other for human kindness and mutual respect? Do we allow dismissal of objectifying words or take the courage to face the truths behind them and work to solve the fundamental issues? Let us strive to be examples for not only our Daughters but our Sons — and sometimes even the examples our Leaders need.